beta test 0.9.1 (finished)

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beta test 0.9.1 (finished)

Postby voodoomaster » Sun Jan 19, 2014 3:03 pm

Closed, please join the next beta test 0.9.4.

The beta test for version 0.9.1 has been started.
Here is how to participate:

1. Open beta test
- download and unpack the demo package
- login with mode "offline" or register your own player
- play
- give feedback as forum posting
- get a credits entry/link for a fair amount of feedback

2. Paid beta test for a limited time
- send a forum message, name your PayPal email and the desired credits entry/link
- give us 24h for approval response and your personal login and password
- download and unpack the demo package
- login with your personal game login in mode "online highscores"
- play for a reasonable time
- give fair amount of feedback as forum posting
- receive 15$ on your PayPal account and get a credits entry

3. Longer accompanying QA
- just send your offer

Feedback is appreciated for all kind of subjects like:
- installation
- UI, understandibility, tutorial
- character control
- graphics, sounds
- level design
- gameplay, fun, balance, difficulty
- bugs, feature requests

Included are the first 3 levels.
Windows, Linux, Mac
Sorry, only zip-folders so far.

Downloads are right here.
read me

Overall installation:
- extract downloaded archive
- execute dem.exe or

For Mac:
- open downloaded game in Finder
- extract by doubleclicking the downloaded game
- open a terminal inside the DiabolusExMachina folder
- type "./"

Updated to build 20140202223
Added Linux and OSX builds
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